On Demand @ Home Sessions

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Accredited Hypnotherapist

Clinically designed & recorded by an accredited and experienced clinical hypnotherapist.

Hypnotically Synchronised

Hemispheric synchronised audio to create a frequency-following response designed to evoke session-specific results.

High Quality Audio

Studio-quality audio recordings professionally produced to maximise effectiveness.

HD 4K Video

Professionally produced video sessions that are as effective as face to face sessions with the hypnotherapist.

Immersive Relaxation

Book an in-clinic session and become lost in a trance invoking room filled with over 300 fibre optic lights, as you sink into our reclining massage chair. Let your mind melt into a new state of calm.

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Rated 5 out of 5

This was a really different experience and the relaxation session is out of this world. I’ve never felt so calm and relaxed

Carrie Heath
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On Demand @ Home – Foundation Session

$100.00 Inc. GST
To get the most out of On demand @ home sessions you must complete the foundational session first. if this is the first time you are purchasing please add the foundational session to your order. For returning clients please select I'm a returning client.