Positive Childbirth

During pregnancy, stress and anxiety can increase a woman’s risk of preterm delivery, miscarriage, and giving birth to a baby with low birth weight. There is also evidence that suggests there may be longer-term implications in children born to mothers stressed during pregnancy.

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Positive Childbirth

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A significant factor with hypnosis is that it induces deep relaxation. That deep relaxation is a strong signal to your body that it is safe for your baby to enter the world.
Using this childbirth hypnosis session, you can associate peaceful calm with the birth process so that you will instinctively know how to relax deeply and send all the right signals to your body when the time comes to give birth.
Even if your birth doesn’t proceed exactly according to plan, knowing you can tap into your body’s natural ability for deep relaxation is both comforting and empowering for a mother.

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