Journey Through Realms

Take your mind on a journey through mystical realms. Let your mind follow the path of a spiritual warrior, become a seeker of wisdom with mystics and shamans. Travel the road to new personal power and wisdom as your minds opens you to the landscape of Life as we guide you through your enchanted experience.

$97.00 Inc. GST

Journey Through Realms

The rich complexities of sound and music carries you through a multitude of shifts and sonic events that will move you and enable you to access a higher states of consciousness.

Travel on a journey that deepens as you enter new levels. Using solfeggio tuning allow you to experience the harmonics of nature.

The session is encoded with a constant brainwave rhythms of 4.7 Hz This is in the low theta range, Just before you drop into sleep. These deep states of awareness are a perfect journey of mystical experiences.

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