Achieve Orgasm

The physiological mechanisms of and orgasm for both men and women involve nearly identical spinal nerve and brain processes. However, the subjective emotional and cognitive awareness of orgasm, along with its subjective experiences of pleasure, are far less coherent between men and women.

We know that men can climax quickly and effortlessly. However, many women find it challenging to maintain their thoughts to “let go” and achieve orgasm. Thoughts can wonder and distract you from the sensations that stimulate the sensation to create an orgasm.

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Achieve Orgasm

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Not achieving orgasm during intimacy can lead to frustration for a woman as they get so close to reaching an orgasm, yet it’s like your body is still so far away from that ultimate pleasure of your orgasm.

It’s often considered unfair that a man can easily reach orgasm yet we don’t focus on the extraordinary gift that women have. The female body is not only able to reach and achieve an orgasm as a momentary event. Their experience can last longer and even occur many times more than it does for most men.

Regardless of whether it’s from a lack of confidence, insecurity, body image, inexperience, or you want to improve how you enjoy the pleasure of sex, using hypnosis is a way to experience true ecstasy.

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