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Clinical hypnosis is a safe, fast effective way to help you make the changes you need to make in your life. Regardless of how long you have lived with the problem. Let me show you how to reach your full potential, lower anxiety, reduce stress, lose weight or quit smoking. Change begins with you! Are you ready to make a change?

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Our unique and effective approach will get you back on track with the outcomes you want to achieve in your life.

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Clinical Hypnotherapist Dip.Clin.Hyp. Dip.Psych.Th. Norwest Wellbeing.

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Pauls extensive qualifications and years of experience include: Australian Government qualified and accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist. Paul also holds a Diploma in Counselling of Sexual Abuse, NLP Master Practitioner, CBT Practitioner and PSYCH-K Advanced Facilitator. Paul’s experience of cognitive psychological mentalism gives an intuitive ability to initiate change in a profound way.

Paul’s extensive experience treating Anxiety, Insomnia, weight issues, and smoking cessation has seen great results in this field. Once you experience a session with Paul, you will understand how well he “gets it” Are you ready to change your mind and change your life.

This is what's possible! Are you ready to make a change?